Bogart Spirits inspired by the man – his tastes, his philosophy, his story. Complex in character, abundant in taste, smooth in nature, with a sharpness like no other. Bogart Spirits are drinks he would have been proud of.

Humphrey Bogart appreciated the finer things in life. And that included the perfect cocktail. Whether he was sailing the Santana, playing chess, or winding down from a day on the set or a round of golf, Bogart liked to have a drink.


Humphrey Bogart is an international icon. The American Film Institute named him the greatest male screen legend of all time. In addition to being the Oscar-winning star of such classic films as Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon, he was a true renaissance man. Bogart won many sailing races while captaining his beloved Santana yacht. He was a scratch golfer. He was a tournament director for the U.S. Chess Federation, and once played leading grandmaster Samuel Reshevsky to a draw. Humphrey Bogart lived a legendary romance with his wife, the beautiful Lauren Bacall, and they made four films together. Known for his impeccable fashion sense, Bogart remains a style icon. And, before Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart was the original center of the legendary Rat Pack, which was so named by Lauren Bacall. Last but not least, Bogie always spoke up for what was right, and he had no tolerance for phonies.

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Bogart’s Gin
“Never trust a man who doesn’t drink”

Juniper from Italy for its fragrant aromas, fresh hand zested citrus, vine ripened cucumber, lightly hand roasted and crushed macadamia, English Lavender, Cilantro leaves.

Only the highest quality, hand-picked ingredients.

Incredibly smooth and complex Juniper forward with Spruce tips and a crisp cilantro taste that finishes in a round full back note of macadamia and peppery lime. Sophisticated yet natural, Bogart’s Gin is perfect over ice, with Tonic or in a Dirty Gin Martini. Flawless with a slice or Orange or English Cucumber.

Bogart’s Gin

45% abv

750 ml bottles – 6 per case

Bogart’s Vodka
“The whole world is three drinks behind”

Made from the highest quality American grains and distilled 7 times, Bogart’s Vodka matches the quality of the legendary man it represents. Column Distilled in small batches and filtered down to 1 micron.

This fine artisan spirit is distilled to satisfy the most discerning taste.

Unbelievably smooth and clean with a silky dry, yet light fruity body and peppery spice accented finish. A truly, tasty balanced vodka.

Bogart’s Vodka

40% abv

750 ml bottles – 6 per case

Bogart’s Whiskey
“I defend my American right to take a drink when I feel like it”

Bogart’s truly artisanal, small-batch Whiskey is a blend of single malt whiskies aged for three years in boubon barrels for and extra smooth sipping whiskey,

Sip neat or with a few drops of water.

Spice and fruit notes mingle on the nose along with strong flavors of honey, simple syrup and graham crackers show in this lively spirit.

Bogart’s Whiskey

40% abv

750 ml bottles – 6 per case

Bogart’s Rum
“Things are never so bad they can’t be made worse”

Bogart’s truly artisanal, small-batch American Rum is distilled with the finest “Fancy” grade raw molasses, delivering rich, exceptional flavors in every sip.

This crystal clear white rum has a remarkably smooth, clean finish, boasting aromas of light caramel and citrus zests.

An outstanding combination of soft, well-rounded favors, including almond and coconut, make this exceptionally well crafted rum, the star on any occasion. Enjoy Bogart’s Rum neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.

Bogart’s Rum

40% abv

750 ml bottles – 6 per case